Fully integrated online shop design by 2Dmedia, powered by Mail Order Works software

Online shop design for Mail Order Works

With more and more businesses generating most of their sales through online shops, it's not surprising there is a growing need for a complete solution covering both eCommerce website and back-office order management and stock control software.

MailOrderWorks software offers affordable, reliable and easy to use stock control, dispatching, order management and reporting tools. For maximum efficiency, your online shop(s) should run from the same business system, particularly for stock levels.

Most online shop website packages offer a catalogue and checkout, but stop short at real stock control and order management - crucial tools for running a business day to day.

This is where 2Dmedia come in. The 2Dmedia eCommerce platform is the only fully integrated online shop system built specifically to run along side MOW. It provides a complete solution for online retail along with the possibility of custom modules and features tailored to your specific business model, market and products.

The platform, as standard, offers the following core eCommerce functions:

  • Flexible online shop platform, built in-house and from scratch, allowing the development of highly customised elements as well as standard functionality.
  • Catalogue and CMS tools allowing you to add/edit listings on your site, manage pages and other content areas.
  • Easy to use basket and checkout system with minimal steps and no requirement for customers to "sign up" before they can purchase.
  • Customer login facility to review order status and pre-fill checkout details.
  • Powerful pricing system allows customers to be linked with price bands, giving discounts and trade pricing, along with quantity price breaks.
  • Highly search engine optimised with 'real page' URLs based on a virtual file system.
  • Support for options within the listing, mapping to inventory products.
  • Product customisation with drop down or text input.
  • Search and "search as you type" available - shows results as you type your search text, minimising the risk of customers getting no results by being too specific.
  • Feature products within the site and with an inheritance based structure, making it easy to choose the best products to be featured within specific categories.
  • Customer reviews and ratings system.
  • Automatic image scaling and watermarking - simply upload the original image and the system will scale it for the site (usually about 7 different versions for different areas) and if required, watermark it with the site logo to prevent image theft.
  • Full stock control with support for both stocked products and non-stocked (on/off availability) products. All inventory items seamlessly integrated with MOW.
  • Run multiple website's under different brands or with different ranges - all integrated with the same stock control and order processing system.
  • Fast and efficient, able to cope with high volume sales.
  • Secure and stable - proven system, thousands of orders processed.
  • Automated online payment processing including 3Dsecure integration.

By fully integrating your website with your back office software, you can reduce manual work dramatically - no more rushing to remove an out of stock line from your website(s).

To discuss the options available please call 2Dmedia on 01376 388 150.


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